There are many types of cat toys available. They include the battery electronic toys, the traditional balls, mice, and interactive ones. In this article, we are going to focus on the different kinds of cat toys. This will help you in finding the right toy.

Types of cat toys

Interactive toy

This ippppppppppppppppppppps a special toy which allows you to play together with your cat. This helps in creating a bond and makes the cat realize you are a fun person who likes playing too. Every cat is somehow unique with its personality.



Generally, cats love playing, and every cat has its preference of a toy. Cats are ever enticed by those things that move and jiggle. An example of an interactive toy is a toy with a string attachment on it. This is commonly known as the pole toy. Holding the pole of the toy and wiggling it on the ground allows your cat to chase and jump on it.

When playing the game, at times you should allow the cat to catch the toy. The cat might lose interest if it is completely unable to catch the toy. By frequently allowing the cat to grab and stalk the toy makes the game interesting. The natural hunting instinct of the cat makes the game fun for them. You will enjoy as you watch the techniques your cat will apply in getting that toy.

ELECTRONIC TOYSmbiar34ge3t4343e

These are the modern toys which make your kitty busy even without your intervention. They are usually powered by batteries or electricity. A magnificent example of such a toy is “Mouse in the House toy”. It is run by power and can be reset to start at a certain time. For instance, you can set it to be running in the morning thus capturing the cat’s attention.

This little mouse moves in different directions and then disappears in the house. This triggers the cat’s movement as it makes an attempt at grabbing the mouse as it moves inside the house. The toy makes the cat run out and inside the house severally before it turns itself off. Kitty has had its little hunting game and now returns to napping. This enables your kitty to have some exercises between naps.

Solar operated toys

These are new in the market. Direct sunlight is required to make their moving parts entice the kitty. They do not need batteries. They only turn on as long as sunlight is available. They work very efficiently when you have a window that is getting direct sunlight for long hours of the day.